Marketo Users Audit

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Marketo Users Audit

Hi guys

I need to do an audit of all users in our Marketo instance and I am wondering if anyone worked out a reliable and effective way to get this done. I would like to single out all users which are no longer working in our company so that i can remove their accounts. I would also like to do this same thing in the Sales Insight / Email Add-in section and clean it up too. Looking forward to hearing some ideas!

Boris Kiperas
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Re: Marketo Users Audit

Go to the admin-> users and export the list. Then work with you HR and marketing or sales managers to review the list.

There is nothing more, unfortunately.

If you have quite some turnover, it might be worth taking the habit of always setting a expiration date for all users by default. When the user expires, if no one shouts, let it be. if the users claims, you can always reset the expiration date for another period