Marketo to SFDC sync frequency

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Marketo to SFDC sync frequency

Hi Marketo gurus,

How often does a Marketo Lead Sync to SFDC from Salesforce after a form fillout? I tried filling out the same form multiple times with different information and the lead has only synced once today.

Is there some native functionality that has a limit on the number of syncs OR prevents the lead from syncing again, if the form is filled out? My workaround was to create a smart campaign to force a sync to occur every time a form is filled out, but I feel this is unneeded if it is supposed to be standard Marketo functionality.

Any input would be great.



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Re: Marketo to SFDC sync frequency


All leads in SFDC sync to Marketo (sync filter not withstanding).

However, you control the timing of when a lead syncs from Marketo to SFDC. A use case might be that Marketo only syncs back to SFDC once the lead is "warm" or MQL.

You'll need to run your leads through some sort of 'Sync person to SFDC' flow step after they've been captured within Marketo.

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Re: Marketo to SFDC sync frequency

Nicholas - help me understand. Our Marketo leads don't sync changes back to SFDC automatically? I thought that they did, since it's a two-way sync. I know I can push a sync with the Marketo API (ie, sync to SFDC flow step) but I thought that it was always syncing back and forth on the SFDC API?




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