Marketo to Salesforce Sync Priority troubleshooting

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Marketo to Salesforce Sync Priority troubleshooting

I remember reading this somewhere but correct me if I'm wrong: The marketo API will pull newly created/updated records from Salesforce into Marketo PRIOR to Marketo data being pushed into Salesforce correct?

Recently, the team cleansed a large subset of leads from Marketo, but it looks like the leads may have been repopulated into the Marketo database because the Salesforce to Marketo sync occurs first. Anyone have insight into this?


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Re: Marketo to Salesforce Sync Priority troubleshooting

HI Steven,

Next time, better enter a question than a discussion, you will be more likely to get answers

It's not about the fact that the sync occurs in this order, it's because Marketo presumes that SFDC is right unless you explicitly say so.

When you delete persons from Marketo, you have the option to also delete them from SFDC. 2 things may happen that could explain what happened to you :

  • Either you did not set the "deleted from SFDC" to True in the "delete person" flow step. In this case, the persons will be deleted from Marketo, but as soon as they are updated un SFDC they will be recreated.
  • Or you did but your SFDC rights did not allow you do to it. In which case, you deletion would fail in Marketo.

If you need to have significant volumes of persons that exist in SFDC but not in Marketo (for instance to manage inactive contacts), you probably need to set up a sync filter. You will find some readings here:

"Sync with Marketo" mysteries part 1

"Sync with Marketo" mysteries part 2