Marketo SEO for Storyblok

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Marketo SEO for Storyblok

Hello all

We're just implemented Marketo, and wanted to make good use of the Marketo SEO dashboard (powered by SEMRush). 

Our CMS is Storyblok  - a headless CMS (we've moved over from Wordpress).

It however seems like Marketo is trying to read our CMS like it would read Wordpress. This is what the page metrics report for any page on the site:

- No keyphrase set for the page

- Page has no H1 tag

- H1 has no keyphrase

- H2 has no keywords

And so on. And the pages in question do have them. Marketo SEO is basically not reading it right, and Marketo support isn't able to decipher it. So just want to check if anyone else is using Marketo SEO successfully with Storyblok. If so, did you face similar issues?