Marketo-Segment integration

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Marketo-Segment integration

Hi all,

has any one ever used Marketo together with Segment (Analytics API and Customer Data Platform | Segment )?

If so, can you provide a quick overview of the pros and cons of this integration and what you use it for?

Have you sued Segment to roll out the munchkin code? If no, how have you done it?

Also, how do you manage form deployment on your CMS: Do you use Marketo embedded forms or do you convey information through segment? If you use Segment for form fill out, how do you convey the information re. web visits?

Thx a lot in advance,


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Re: Marketo-Segment integration

Did you end up using Segment for rolling out munchkin code?

Would like to know if there you have any tips/things to keep in mind. thanks!

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Re: Marketo-Segment integration

I am seeing this post in 2021 and have the same question - Does any one have an answer/solution. Please share.

It will be great if we integrate our website to Segment and then segment interact with Marketo.