Marketo Sales Insight Reporting via Salesforce

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Marketo Sales Insight Reporting via Salesforce

Hi Marketo Nation! 


I've got an issue I'm struggling with that I feel like someone somewhere has had to hack at some point.


We use Marketo as our MAP and Salesforce as our CRM. The issue I'm having is reporting on Marketo Sales Insight emails in Salesforce. The main reason we're looking to report on this out of SFDC rather than Marketo is because the majority of our users are SFDC users and not really Marketo users (Marketo is only used by MOPs in our org). 


The campaign we're currently running includes both Leads and Contacts. We have a purposeful duplicate model in our SFDC, and the business unit executing the campaign is actually cross-selling to accounts that are customers of other products. Those accounts are already associated with and owned by CSMs related to the other products. The AEs doing the outbounding for this campaign do not own the records they are outbounding on; they are completing this outreach for this campaign via Marketo Sales Insight.


Here's the error I'm running into: we're not able to track this activity in Salesforce because 1) the record owner is not the same as the person doing the outbounding, and 2) You cannot report on Marketo Sales Insight emails very easily in SFDC.


I thought maybe I could create a trigger flow to create a task any time a specific MSI email is sent. The problem I'm running into there is I'm not able to use the {{trigger.Sent By}} token to insert the senders name, so even if I were able to get Marketo to log a task for this, I haven't figured out how to pull in the sender info I need.


I appreciate any and all feedback or ideas anyone might have here! 


Thanks in advance!! Sorry if this was a bit of a ramble. 



Grace Harbison