Marketo's Default Lead Scoring Program

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Re: Marketo's Default Lead Scoring Program

From what I understand, Marketo does not change your LEAD, BEHAVIORAL or DEMOGRAPHIC score, but Marketo will contribute to the scoring algorithm depicted by the FLAMES and STARS in Sales Insight with their proprietary algorithm which should reflect Recency engagements, thus Urgency with Flames and Relative Prioritization to other Leads in the database with STARS.  The preferred configuration for LEAD Scoring is to be done in a single program, one for Operational Behavioral Scoring, one for Operational Demographic Scoring and the Lead Score is typically configured as a cumulative score of both Behavioral and Operational Scores.  I am new to Marketo myself, so this is with the caveat, this is to the best of my knowledge and I would love to be corrected or validated on my understanding.