Marketo Real-Time Personalization & Google Ads

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Marketo Real-Time Personalization & Google Ads

I followed the steps to configure real-time personalization with Google Analytics. But there was no option to pull in data from a specific RTP segments. Instead, I followed the instructions and created an audience with the following criteria:

Sequences - Event Category - contains - "RTP-Campaigns".

This resulted in over 7,000 users, but I have no way of knowing where these users came from specifically and my Marketo CSM could not tell me. Does anyone know how to determine where these users came from?

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Re: Marketo Real-Time Personalization & Google Ads

We created a dashboard and were able to use the following segmentations, "grouped by" to figure this out -- is this similar to what you're attempting or wishing to do?

Screenshot 2018-10-11 15.52.23.png

Can you post any screenshots to illustrate what you're looking to create?