Marketo Performance Insights - data discrepancies and origin?

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Marketo Performance Insights - data discrepancies and origin?

Hi everybody, 

We have implemented Marketo in March this year and we have RCE and lead lifecycle management (including scoring and routing) in place since June. Our Marketo instance is integrated with Salesforce. 

Now I am starting to look into Marketing contribution and obviously digging into Marketo Performance Insights. 

In advance, I am sorry if my questions are trivial but I really can't put my fingers on the right answer. 

Let's take the example of Pipeline Created during the month of Sept, 2019, for First Touch and Multi Touch

  • Discrepancy MT Vs FT: Why the total Pipeline created for FT and MT are different? Aren't they both all based on the same Pipeline value (basis 100)? 
  • Discrepancy MPI Vs SFDC: When I compare the value for Pipeline created in the month of Sept, 2019 in MPI vs what I have in SFDC (opportunities created in the month of Sept, 2019), the values are not the same. Is there a specific reason for that? Aren't the value reported in MPI 100% of what is logged in SFDC? We use a Hybrid attribution model + we have automation rule in SFDC which copies the Contact field (mandatory in the opportunity) into a Contact Role for every Opp created.  Also, since all our SFDC data are sync'ed with Marketo, I am not sure why we wouldn't have a full picture. 

I have the same questions for Revenue data but I guess if I understand the logic for one, the same will apply for the other. 

Please let me know if there is anything unclear 🙂 

Thank you so much in advance for your help.