Marketo Measure cross-region data-replication

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Marketo Measure cross-region data-replication

*Prior to purchase of the Marketo Measure Data Warehouse the conversation about Snowflake access to the data should be discussed with Sales.  


Currently (as of April 2022), the only fully-supported access to Marketo Measure data-warehouse is through a Snowflake Reader-Account.  This feature allows secure data access from anywhere without the need to be a Snowflake customer, and is fully self-service within the Marketo Measure UI. 


Another option is to access Marketo Measure data-warehouse through Snowflake Secure Direct Share. This option is currently not officially supported by Adobe Marketo Measure, is not self-service, and is not supported by any setup or uptime guarantees from Adobe. Snowflake Secure Direct Shares are location specific and only operate between Snowflake accounts within the same Snowflake region.  Marketo Measure Support can only set up direct sharing with Snowflake accounts located in the Azure-East-US2 region, and cannot offer any guarantee on whether the share region will remain the same in the future. 


Nevertheless, if you would like to leverage the Snowflake Secure Direct Share, please reply with the Snowflake Account Identifier you want us to enable the Secure Direct Share for. 



  1. Marketo Measure - Connecting to the Snowflake Data Warehouse: Measure/using/Marketo Measure-data-warehouse/data-wa... 
  2. Snowflake – Reader Accounts: 
  3. Snowflake – Introduction to Secure Data Sharing: 
  4. Snowflake – Account Identifiers: 


Region Specific Question: 


Adobe Marketo Measure does not setup data-replication for clients, as we host Snowflake data in Azure East-US2 and, for example, you may host your Snowflake account in AWS West.  


There are 2 options to solve this: 

  1. Continue with the reader account and set up an ETL process leveraging external/custom tools to copy data to whatever destination they choose. 
  2. Create an Azure East-US2 Snowflake account where Abobe Marketo Measure can create a direct data share with, then they can copy the data to this account and/or replicate it to their other Snowflake account as they see fit. 
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