Marketo Integration with SFDC Products, Orders, Assets

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Marketo Integration with SFDC Products, Orders, Assets

Hello Community,

My company is planning to make major changes to our SFDC Architecture and will be using the following SFDC Objects:

  • Opportunity Products
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Order Products
  • Assets
  • Contracts

Do these objects integrate with Marketo similar to other SFDC Custom Objects?  If anyone currently uses these objects in their org, have you been able to access and use the data from these objects in your marketing campaigns?


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Re: Marketo Integration with SFDC Products, Orders, Assets

Hi Valerie,

Opportunity products do not integrate. Vote here:

Quotes, orders, order products do not integrate either, there are attached to opportunities

Assets and contracts can be integrated as custom objects, as they can be linked either to accounts or event contacts.


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Re: Marketo Integration with SFDC Products, Orders, Assets

Hi Gregoire,

I know opportunity products do not really sync. But in SFDC I added Assets to Accounts. An Asset also links to a Product of course. I do NOT want to list a single Contact to the Asset. In the SFDC Custom Object Sync, I added Asset/Activum with product on Company (Account). I now have the filter available. But I do not have any results. I expect to get all the Contacts for which their Account Has Asset (for now ignoring the product associated to it for testing purposes).

I could also create a SFDC custom object called Account Product or so, to associate Products/Assets with Accounts. But fact remains no Contacts have a relation. I then do expect in a smartlist to get all Contacts for which the Account has a certain value or Account related Custom Object.

Do you have any experience in getting this to work?

Thank you,