Marketo Form on Landing Page

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Marketo Form on Landing Page

Hello! I made a Marketo form that includes checkboxes. This form is on a landing page on which people will fill out the answers. I did a test run, and I can't seem to find the survey results in the backend. It tells me how many people filled out a survey, but not what their answers were.


Can someone help guide me to where I can see and download my results? 


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Re: Marketo Form on Landing Page

Hi Melissa,


If you are looking at a smart/static list of people who filled out the form, you can add the Marketo fields from the form to the list View. See Create and Change Views for Lists and Smart List. Then you can download the list with all that information submitted via the form. See Export People to Excel from a List or Smart List. Hope this helps!



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Re: Marketo Form on Landing Page

Melissa, probably the easiest solution here is:


You can create a Smart List that has a filter of filled out form + webpage, and then adjust the View on the people results to include those fields that you've included in the form. If you want an aggregate breakdown of those numbers (say, there is a lot of people) you can export the results to Excel and massage the data at that point.


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