Marketo Activity Log Shared to Salesforce

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Marketo Activity Log Shared to Salesforce

I set up lead scoring in Marketo recently, and made a smart campaign to trigger that lead to sync with Salesforce when they reach a certain score. But when their contact info is shared with Salesforce, is there also a way to share their Marketo Activity Log with Salesforce?

I want my sales rep to be able to see (in SF) what actions the lead took that added up to their lead score. For instance, it would list in Salesforce that the lead visited our homepage, product page, read a case study, and opened one of our emails. 

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Re: Marketo Activity Log Shared to Salesforce

Hi Marien, 


You're not able to share the activity log as you see it in Marketo, however, there are actions you can take to allow the sales rep see some of what the lead record has been engaging with.


Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) - This tool is useful at allowing the sales rep to see the last few emails, interesting moments, score changes, and web pages visited within Salesforce. If you've got access to this, you might find this is something to help your sales reps. You can read more about MSI here.

Activities - Activities is what you can set up with your SFDC sync if you don't have access to the MSI product. It allows you to share 3 months worth of activity history for specific events. To the best of my understanding, there are limitations as to what is shared here - Marketo will only post the first activity per day (e.g. 3 form submissions but only the first is counted and shared), and you will need to be careful with what you are sharing across as you'll encounter issues with storage given the massive amount of data being handed over to SFDC. You can read more about this here.


"Last Touch" field - You can look to create a "Last Touch" field within Marketo with a Smart Campaign that updates the field using the {{trigger.Trigger Name}} and {{trigger.Name}} fields to help determine what action was taken to drive them to becoming created in SFDC.