Re: List Import of values to PMCF Field in a Program

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List Import of values to PMCF Field in a Program

Program member custom fields are fields that can hold program data for each member that are accessible inside a specific program.

The PMCF fields can be used in different Marketo assets as mentioned in below links:

How to import values to PMCF fields using List Import:

The List import activity is similar as any other list import, the only difference is that the PMCF values should be imported from Program Members tab instead of a Static List.

  1. Go to Program Dashboard > Members tab
  2. In the Menu Bar, Select Import Members option


  1. In the Step 1: Select File Tab of Import List dialog, Add the list import file that you have prepared, File Format can be selected as per the file imported, List Import Mode only has Default as option


  1. Click Next
  2. In the Step 2: Import Preview tab, Map the List column with respective Marketo Fields


  1. Click on Next button
  2. In Step 3: Import Options tab, You can select the Status in which you want to Leads to be imported in the program. The drop-down options will be displayed based on the statuses available for the respective channel. Here I am selecting ‘Member’ as the status


  1. Click on Import button

The PMCF values are now imported to the Leads in the Program with status as Member.



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Re: List Import of values to PMCF Field in a Program

Its Helpful and Clear Document!!!!!!