List Import not working

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List Import not working

Hi, the list import wizard gets stuck in the second step. I’ve tried a couple times and It never loads. Anybody facing the same problem and any solution to this? this has been a problem since yesterday and today it started giving me an import message which says Importing with 1 other lists in your subscription when I know there is only one list that I have imported

I have opened up a support ticket with marketo and it has been 24+ hours all they do is change it form P1 to P2 and I still cant import the list as I used to.

ps. I have been importing the list like this for almost a year nothing has changed in the list format or the way I import it.

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Re: List Import not working

Yeah... with unexpected behaviour like that you are doing all you can do, report it to Marketo Support. If its urgent or you haven't receive a response you can also email If the priority is changing that means it's being looked at by support and they have judged that it isn't a P1 because it hasn't taken down your entire system and you can still function. That takes it out of P1 status.