leads receiving multiple emails

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leads receiving multiple emails

i have a situation where some leads are receiving 6 to 7 emails a day from a drip campaign. no one messed around with the settings recently except to add to exemption list. yet, i am seeing this:


is there a way to get a log of what has been sent recently so i can start troubleshooting this?

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Re: leads receiving multiple emails

Arthur Aronov​ If you're aware of the program that's the culprit for sending the multiple emails, I'd dig into that program using either smart lists or email performance reports. The email performance report will show you exactly when an email is sent (first/last activity) whereas a smart list (with say a "was sent email" filter with a date constraint) will show you who actually received the specific emails on a set date.

This being said, is the program sending the same email setup as an Engagement Program or just a standard default program sending emails from a smart campaign? If the latter, there could be a recurring schedule (or wait steps) that are causing the same email to send over and over.

Hope that helps to get you started!