Lead to Opp Conversion Reporting

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Lead to Opp Conversion Reporting


I am trying to create some lead to opp conversion reports in RCA, and I want to know the average conversion rate for leads within 30 days of their create date, and 60 days. Doese anyone know how to put that together in RCA? Essentially I'm looking for a filter on opprotunity created date that would equal 30/60 days or less from lead create date.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
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Re: Lead to Opp Conversion Reporting

What data question are you trying to answer?

It's Not out of the box, will be a workaround that may need to be done in spreadsheet.

Only the 'Was added to opp' and 'Opp was updated' are the only Opp filters that have a constraint of when the action was created (i.e. has a data constraint).

You may be better off doing this in SFDC.

You can run a lead report with Opps turned on and set the lead was created in past 30 days. You can then export to a sheet and work out your conversion.