Lead time required before email launch

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Lead time required before email launch


Does Marketo require a specific amount of lead time before sending out an email campaign?

ie. If I completed the setup of an email campaign (scheduled it, defined the audience, and attached an approved email) but wasn't sure when to schedule it  and my manager suddenly asks to launch the email 20 minutes from now, will 20 minutes be enough lead time for Marketo to send the email? Do I need to approve the full email campaign 1 hour before send out or more?

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Re: Lead time required before email launch

You can schedule it to run immediately by choosing Run Once > Run Now and as long as you've approved the email before you hit Run, it won't have any issues.

Depending on your audience size, the email should start sending immediately although it can take some time for large lists to receive the email. Personally, I prefer not to go live immediately after set up, I prefer to schedule my emails the day before (at least), but it's physically possible to send out right away.

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Re: Lead time required before email launch

Hi Elizabeth,

It sounds like you are describing a setup associated with the Email (mailbox) program. If so, this program requires you schedule it 15 minutes from the current time, and also includes  a Head Start feature for larger and/or more complex sends which allows you to start program processing 12 hours in advance of the scheduled send time. If you need an email to go out right away, do as Christina recommends; use a smart campaign.