Lead source for existing client's coworkers?

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Lead source for existing client's coworkers?

I wanted to see what the communities thoughts were on what the lead/person source should be for a lead that comes in because an existing lead from the same company gave us their information.

Example: John Smith attends a webinar and is entered as a new lead with the lead/person source: Webinar.

John then gives us Sally's information who is part of his team at X Company. What should Sally's lead/person source be?

I feel like it's misleading in reporting to put her lead/person source as Webinar. Our company currently labels these leads as "Cold Call" but that doesn't feel like it's the right source either.Thoughts?

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Re: Lead source for existing client's coworkers?

Source similar to "customer referral" is something that i have seen commonly. I would not go down the path of trying to attribute a referral from a customer to the source that you originally acquired the customer with on the past. Not really scalable and at the end of the day, the real source is the referral from a customer.