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Lead Scoring over time

Hi there, I've been using Marketo for just under a year and started to explore updating our basic lead scoring model.


I'm struggling with adding a time-based restriction to flag leads that reach the score we set for an MQL - in this case, 20. 


What logic/settings do I use to only flag someone who has


1. Reached a score of 20 


2. Has scored more than 8 points in the past 7 days


Is that doable? 

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Lead Scoring over time

I think so, would suggest to test this though. This might only qualify people where score was changed by +8 at once though.




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Re: Lead Scoring over time

This may have been addressed in a previous post. There the commenters recommended the use of a separate weekly scoring field that would need to be changed with each score change... read more here:



Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 10.44.33.pngThat said, if you are only trying to see if a person who has reached 20 also has at least 8 points in the past week... you could use data change filters to get at that scenario and validate those two specific thresholds using constraints on both the DVC Trigger and DVC Filter new value + at least combined with the previous value + less than. Then on the filter tuck in a timeframe, and boom, there you go 😄

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Re: Lead Scoring over time

Thanks David_Gallaghe2 and  Balkar_Singh,


I'll give these a try to see what comes back.


Shame you can't easily use a > for Greater than in Score Change instead of a fixed increase!