Lead Scoring Multiplier

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Lead Scoring Multiplier

Hi All,

I am being asked to do some research on lead scoring. I know at a very basic level you can score on demographic information and that behavior (form fill, product download and so on). I know the easiest way to do it is assign a value to each position and to each behavior (no multiplier).

I am being asked to research if I can institute a multiplier for a position title. E.G. an email open is worth .1 point and different titles offer it multiplier. An example below.

CIO opening an email = 100 x .1 = 10 points

Director = 50 x .1 = 5 points

Manager = 10 x .1 = 1 point

Admin = 1 x .1 = .1 points

Is this a possibility?

Thank you in advance.



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Re: Lead Scoring Multiplier

Hi Murphy great question,

I recently came across this add-on from Hoosh which is free and really quite good: Excel Formulas for Marketo – Marketo LaunchPoint

Here you would create a Webhook per multiplier you want to use and map the response to a field, you can also add score fields together.

If it's not too complex of a multiplier, like your example you could just do choices for change score:

Trigger Opens Email

Flowstep Change Score - Add choices:

If Job Title is "CIO" = +10

---- is "Director" = + 5

and so on..

The only thing I see regarding your example is that it could possibly be an issue that a score field is usually set up as integers, so I'm unsure if the .1 points would work.

I'd recommend to try out the webhook feature, it's easy to set up and you can basically run any excel formula with your fields.


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Re: Lead Scoring Multiplier


Thank you for the response. It was exactly what I was looking for. Hoosh will be super useful if we get more complicated but the flow step and just adding choices will function the exact way we need it to!

Thanks again.