Lead scoring - combining Marketo & Salesforce insights

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Lead scoring - combining Marketo & Salesforce insights

Looking for a bit of best practice from anyone who has done something similar..

We want to combine some of our prospect scoring/engagement alerts with data fed through from Salesforce.

Scenario 1: we want to alert a sales rep if someone from an account with an opportunity (all stages including lost - created within last 2 years) has been engaging with us. The issue we have is that Marketo relies on contact roles to pull in those opportunities, but we want to look at account level as a whole. What's the best way to feed this through to Marketo? Has anyone done anything similar? We discussed a lookup field on the account which could then roll back down onto the contact and sync across that way.

Scenario 2: similar to above, we want to alert sales if someone from an account which has had activity in the form of a call or meeting within the last year has interacted with us. We spoke about creating something custom like ‘Last Sales Activity Date’ on the account which might need to roll down to the contact to be used in Marketo. Again looking to see if anyone has done anything similar here? 

We're about to invest in the ABM module - would this be able to provide us with the ability to do/see any of the above?