Lead Scoring and Lifecycle Implementation

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Re: Lead Scoring and Lifecycle Implementation

Hi everyone, 

I have a question. 

So, our business is a FTSE 100 and has lots of divisions. Two of which have decided to implement marketing automation software: one being Marketo and the other being Pardot. 

We're currently developing our lead scoring model, and on the Pardot side, they have taken an approach of scoring categories. In theory, this sounds like a great approach and would also work for our division as we sell lots of products into the same customer and industry etc. However, until this point, we were working with a pretty basic scoring model, and it has become evident that it doesn't quite work for all of our 'go-to-market brands. 

So my question is, has anyone on here attempted scoring categories in Marketo? How would you do it? Would you treat it like product scoring?

Thanks in advance!