Lead Reactivation Case Study

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Lead Reactivation Case Study

Hi there,

Leadonance recently implemented a lead reactivation program for ABILITY Network. The new programallows to continuously nurture leads after they have already exhausted their nurture track content.

The idea behind it is to leverage a corporate blog (built on Wordpress), to automatically pull fresh content from the blog right into Marketo and populate a newsletter template with it. Wordpress blog tags allow to create multiple automated newsletters for different audiences using the same approach, so on top of being automated, it gives you the capability to make it more personalized and relevant, rather than "one size fits all" as a lot of automated newsletters tend to be.

Feel free to download the attached case study - it might be interesting for the B2B companies, who are struggling with the same problem and having thousands of leads just "sitting there" in the Marketo database.

Paul Trushin

Founder & CMO