Lead & Contacts Database Calculation

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Lead & Contacts Database Calculation

Is there a way to see how many contacts we have in the database? Is it just All Leads and that calculated number?

In our database we have contacts and leads. Is there a way to filter to each?

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Re: Lead & Contacts Database Calculation

HI Tara,

CRM contacts and leads becomes all leads in Marketo. So yes, the All Leads smart list gives you the count. The Database dashboard as well.

In  order to get the separate count, you can create smart lists with the field SFDC Type = lead, SFDC Type = contact and SFDC Type = empty (the ones that are in Marketo only). If you are working with MSD Dynamics, there is a similar field, Microsoft Type, if I remember well.

You can also create a lead performance report and group by this same field.