Re: Lead Alerts to Chatter from Marketo

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Lead Alerts to Chatter from Marketo


I am looking for a suggestion to setup in Marketo to post lead updates/alerts to Chatter in  

- Lead Alerts
- New MQLs

- Reminders


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Zoheb Shaikh

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Re: Lead Alerts to Chatter from Marketo

Hi Zoheb,

There are a few things you can do here, although it may be easier to handle some of these in Salesforce.


  • Lead Alerts
  • New MQLs
    • I would recommend using process builder to trigger a post to Chatter when a lead hits the MQL stag
    • See screenshot below
  •  Reminders
    • You could probably leverage Salesforce tasks for this. For example, creating a workflow rule that creates and assigns a task to the lead owner when certain criteria are met.
    • I can provide a more detailed answer if you provide some more info on when/what reminders are sent

image (4).png

Hope that helps!