Lattice Engine Marketo/SFDC Integration

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Lattice Engine Marketo/SFDC Integration

Hello Marketo Community! We currently have Lattice Engine integrated with SFDC however it is causing a huge delay/putting a burden when syncing records between Marketo and SFDC. We are thinking of switching the integration to Marketo instead. Would this help solve the sync delay issues between the systems? Are there are pros or cons of integrating with Marketo? Any recommendations or insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Lattice Engine Marketo/SFDC Integration

A client of ours updated their Lattice integration to start using webhooks so it's near real time.  Previously, there was a schedule integration lattice ran I think every hour against the Marketo leads.

The updated integration is better in my opinion.  It does use a fair amount of Marketo API calls, but that is related to database size and number of events triggering a lattice score update.

I'm not sure why your current integration is causing delays though.