Landing Page Templates - Left <div> disappears in mobile

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Landing Page Templates - Left <div> disappears in mobile


We have a landing page template that was created by a Marketo partner using the guided creation approach. The main body of this page is 2 columns (roughly 80% : 20%) and includes basic webkits for scaling. We were aiming at having both side-by-side divs scale to match the other's height, which we accomplished using the absolute div approach.

The Problem:

We have everything we want and the page renders well everywhere, with one very major exception. When the display size is scaled to mobile-size, the left div disappears and only the right div is shown. Has anyone ever experienced this before and do you know of a fix? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

I have attached the code for reference.

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Re: Landing Page Templates - Left <div> disappears in mobile

Is this a dupe of Landing Page Template - Div disappears in mobile

Or is it a different issue?

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Re: Landing Page Templates - Left <div> disappears in mobile


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