Landing Page - Detailed Analytics

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Landing Page - Detailed Analytics

Is there a way to see individuals or companies that visit a landing page? Right now, I believe I can only see total number of views and clicks, but I would like to drill down into additional details.  Is that possible?

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Re: Landing Page - Detailed Analytics

The Web Page Activity report is grouped by company but only points to your website as a whole. There's still a ton of valuable insight there, especially since you can export it. This report does at least contain the entry page, so you can use a pivot table (or just filter the column) to see which companies are entering from that page.

Although I wouldn't recommend making any detailed decisions based on this, you can use the smart list to include only people who visited the specific page you're interested in. This will at least give you some insight as to who visited that page and how those people are interacting with your website.

The Landing Page Performance Report not so much, unfortunately.