JIve-Marketo Requirements

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JIve-Marketo Requirements

From one of our loyal community members

Wish list for requirements

Registered User Information

The ability to map Jive fields to Marketo fields when data is added or updated in profiles


- Title



-Skills & expertise

-Visitor Activity

-Using Marketo Munchkin tracking - used for lead scoring & interesting moments

-Content views & downloads - full document name

-Web activity & clicks - full link name

-Comment & like activity - full thread name


-We would want to embed Marketo forms within Jive sites for event registrations & high value content downloads

-Content Personalization


We currently do not have Marketo RTP in place, but we would be interested in offering dynamic content in Jive based on Marketo segmentations


I am interested in integrating the Jive score field with a Marketo score field

Campaign Triggers

Use field data to trigger customer campaigns

Last logged in date' for re-engagement campaigns

Badge based campaigns

Case submission automated follow up campaign

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Re: JIve-Marketo Requirements

More requirements

Phase 1


**Track anonymous Jive Community visitor activity via Marketo Munchkin code (out-of-box on Jive-x)


**If anonymous user on both Marketo and Jive Community registers on Jive Community, pass through as lead in Marketo (need to understand how fields would map over to Marketo if this is possible)

**If known user on Marketo registers for  Jive Community, ensure both profiles are connected so that points/actions in Jive Community can be passed to Marketo profile, lead score, etc.

Lead Scoring

**Choose Jive actions that will affect Marketo lead score — not all scored activity in Jive should count towards lead score in Marketo.

**Map Jive url ( which in most cases has just a Jive ID to the actual content title

Phase 2

Real-Time Personalization

**Serve dynamic content in Jive  Community (via Tiles) based on behavior across Customer.com and Customer Community

Triggers / Smart Lists

**Understand possibilities and how these would be built out in the Marketo UI.

**Actions tied to specific content, places, or tags


**Comments on blog tagged with “flash storage"

**Clicks “I have this question too” in Content Mobility space

**Creates any type of content in Social Innovation space

**Joins the Developer Network (group)

**Follows the VMware space

**Ideally, build Triggers/Smart Lists progressively with drop-downs for each variable