Is there a way to export anonymous leads?

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Is there a way to export anonymous leads?

Is there any way that we can export anonymous campaign members? Or just their IDs?

As each anonymous lead is allocated a unique ID, we can track which anonymous leads are in a certain combination of campaigns. This way we can find out for example, how many leads have engaged with 3 different advertising campaigns (through UTM tracking via smart campaigns), but have not yet identified themselves, through cross referencing the IDs of the anonymous leads in each smart campaign's member list.

Does anyone know if this is possible...?

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Is there a way to export anonymous leads?

Hi Chloe,

Exporting the leads is easy : just create a smart list with the filter "is anonymous =true" and export that smart list. You would better also create a dedicated view showing only the fields that are relevant to anonymous (inferred and original_xxx fields), plus the ID.

But what you are asking for goes beyond exporting just the leads, it also means you want to export their activities, and this will require the use of the API.

YOu also may want to read Courtney Grimes​ excellent article on how to integrate GA with Marketo and collect URLs : Integrating Google Analytics with Marketo