Introducing Closed Beta for Lead Activity and User Audit Data Streams

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Introducing Closed Beta for Lead Activity and User Audit Data Streams

Hello Marketo Nation,



Some Marketo Engage customers have a need to receive data in near real-time to drive timely Marketing strategies, Reporting or usage across other applications internally. To meet these needs, we are offering the ability to Stream data sourced from their instances in near real-time instead of using Bulk API's as this could result in receiving error messages once API limits are breached.


Beta Details

The Closed Beta focuses on the Lead Activity and User Audit streams but we would be interested in getting your feedback Metrics and Notifications Streams as well.


With near real-time activity data, customers can:

  1. Create custom alerts to effectively trigger important events, or workflows like using lists as a proxy to detect errors. When certain leads are found with inconsistent conditions they could be added to the list. Activity Stream can pick up and push the 'Add to List' activity, and customers can detect the event and take necessary action.
  2. Use activities and other attributes to derive insights to better nurture leads based on their behavior for example, what pages they visited, what emails they opened.
  3. Build scoring models that use key activity insights and feed the score back into Marketo to fuel Nurture Campaigns.


User Audit Stream - provides near real-time audit tracking of asset changes by users​ allowing customers to effectively audit asset events, provide a view into user changes, and trigger processes or workflows based upon different types of audit events.


Use Cases


Lead Activity Stream

  • For customers who want to use near real-time data to drive quick decisions on Marketing strategy
  • For Customers who would like to leverage Lead activity data to make GTM decisions and provide Sales with pending pipeline activity
  • If customers want to integrate Lead Activity across their ecosystem to have a unified view.


User Audit Stream

  • Leverage User Audit DS to provide real-time audit tracking of asset changes to trigger processes and workflows based upon different types of audit events
  • Provide visibility into which assets were updated via batch or automated API processes vs. manual user processes.
  • Share audit history of asset changes with other internal systems.



A key benefit of data streams is having near Real-time streaming data that provides the ability to utilize large volumes of the most to update data to enable informed and timely decisions on Marketing strategies.


Data Streams offer an alternative to using bulk API’s which at times present technical challenges in high volumes of data with the benefit of higher levels of performance without impacting API limits. We can assist with providing direction on how to ingest and integrate these data streams into your landscape.


In return of participating, you will get:

  • Early access to the streams
  • Involvement in the development cycle, which includes the ability to influence the final version and submit enhancement requests prior to release.
  • More stable code due to multiple individuals testing in many environments.
  • One-on-one contact with Product Management.


Joining the Beta

Ensure you have a time commitment to be available to attend recurring meetings to share updates and provide feedback for the duration of the Beta

Ensure you have technical resources available to perform development work in your instance to setup Data Streams, our team will assist as needed.

Additional details of Data Streams are provided here in this tech blog:


If you would like more information or if you're interested in being part of the Closed Beta, please respond via email to and provide some details of how Data Streams would help you and the use case for using them. We will review your use case and provide a response upon acceptance


Thank You,

Stephanie Long & Ather Rizvi

Marketo Engage Product Management - Adobe

Marketo Employee

[CLOSED]: Introducing Closed Beta for Lead Activity and User Audit Data Streams

Hello Customers,

The closed beta for Data Streams has now ended. We will now be shifting our efforts to take this GA in the future.

Thank you all for your interest and taking the time to view the post. 



Ather Rizvi

Senior Product Manager - Adobe/Marketo Engage