Integrate Marketo with Magento, Salesforce and SAGE 100

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Integrate Marketo with Magento, Salesforce and SAGE 100

We are looking to integrate several moving parts and would love recommendations for integration partners here in the US. Solicitations are welcomed but only from developers with offices and staff based solely in the US> Not interested in International outsourcing.

We have a Magento e-commerce multi-store with 2 web sites. 1 directed to end users the 2nd directed to resellers as a BtoB site.

We have Magento currently configured to send customer info to Marketo but we would like to add deeper integration.

We would like to integrate Marketo to SalesForce Enterprise Edition to chare account information, online orders, lead score and more.

We would also like to integrate our Sage 100 order entry and accounting software to Magento and SalesForce so that our site will include inventory, tracking info and updated order status.

We are also using Scanco for inventory management with SAGE, Starship for UPS tracking and from Saleforce we are using a CTI to our Avaya phone system.

I would love recommendations and referrals to partners who are familiar with as many of these integrations as possible to help plan our course for the new year.



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Re: Integrate Marketo with Magento, Salesforce and SAGE 100

Hi Jim,

For the SFDC integration, use the standard Marketo connector that does an excellent job.

For the others, you set a custom dev using Marketo API's, but I would rather use off-the-shelf solutions, either Launchpoint connectors (such as Marketo Magento Integration – Marketo LaunchPoint ) or cloud integration platforms such as bedrock data (Bedrock Data | Cloud Data Integrations and Data Management )