If email contains target account domain, then send alert to account owner

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If email contains target account domain, then send alert to account owner


We have a target account list of ~1000 domains. We do events with the common statuses: Registered, attended, not attended, etc.

The majority of the people that attend events are leads only in marketo. In fact, some of them are walk ins that we register at the events. They become marketo records also.

The process we want is:

if the attendee has an email address with a domain that matches a domain on the target list, then alert the account owner that the lead attended, synch the lead with SFDC, and assign the lead to that account owner.

The issue is how do we make a connection from the lead in marketo to the account (and its owner) based on domain when the lead is only in Marketo.

If all the leads had owners in SFDC, then it would be easy: If email is on a smartlist that filters for the domains (email contains), then send alert to lead owner. If we knew the lead was actually a contact associated with an account, then we can send to the account owner. Piece of cake. But this is not the case. Most of the leads do not have lead owners as they are synched with SFDC yet.

There may be an account based management vendor on launchpoint that can do this, but I was wondering if anyone solved through some custom coding, etc.


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Re: If email contains target account domain, then send alert to account owner

We face similar challenges today.  Primarily the inability to leverage the account data in CRM since leads in Marketo stay in Marketo until they've been identified as marketing qualified/sales-ready.  Here's our primary workaround we use to overcome this "lack of account" visibility in Marketo - using smart lists that contain the appropriate domain names:

Suppress specific accounts:

Our company, Avanade, is majority-owned by Accenture.  As a marketing team, we are not permitted to market to Accenture's key/strategic accounts (known as "Diamond" and "Foundation").  While this info is contained on the account record in CRM, it's useless for us in Marketo (see reason above).  Therefore, we create a global smart list (we have 23 country workspaces) that contains the domain names of every account that must be suppressed (including variations of those domain names for companies like 3M).  The smart list contains a single filter with hundreds of domain names:


The format used for the domain name listing is "@company.".  Notice we always include the @ symbol to more accurately filter domain names; and don't include the to the top level domain/extension so that it includes a more inclusive list of domains, e.g., ibm.com, ibm.co.uk, ubm.de, etc.  We then call on this smart list within our master smart list of filters (unsubscribes, invalid emails, etc.) that are used for all of our email campaigns.


You should be able to apply this approach to many of the challenges you face, including account assignment.

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Re: If email contains target account domain, then send alert to account owner

I have built some custom stuff using the API to do lookups in CRM for contacts that have the same domain as the leads and then retrieve relevant information from the account for the non-synced lead. If you have a developer at your service, they could potentially do something similar. Otherwise, our services team can help with that too.