I want duplicates, can i have them?

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I want duplicates, can i have them?

hi there
we are finding the best practice for working with SFDC is to allow  for duplicate leads in SFDC. We prefer that iif someone is a contact but has a new activity that a lead be created (if there is already a lead then their status gets updated with "new activity"). this way our sales people only have 1 bucket to look in for activity follow up. right now they have to go to lead view and contact view in SFDC to see new interesting moments/activities (marketo best bets and lead feed do not work for us due to their limitations)

SFDC best practice for us is to work in leads: open lead, find dupes, looke to see if already a contact and who worling and make a disposition decision (keep working as a lead or convert to merge with existing contact)

also this way marketing can create dashboards to track status of leads - right now i have to create a klugey report to show when a contact is added to a campaign to show activity.  and i have to make sales people update campaign memeber status of campaigns for each interesting moment they get- but since they only see the last one it is very flawed. if a person does 3 things in a couple days sales will only see most recent and therefore only update that campaign. our VP sales wants to see how EACH interesting moment is handled.

so the question is can is set up Marketo to allow for dupes in SFDC or not. if not it looks like our solution is to find a different CRM to use- which is not my preference

and we don't see manually loading all new lead acvitivity directly to salesforce (and not synching marketog and SFDC) as an option- i would have to do a daily load of every open campaign that might have gotten a new lead that day versus real time leads showing up for sales.

sorry for the length of this but it we are having major tracking issues with the current no dupe policy.
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Re: I want duplicates, can i have them?

Hi Trish,

I can see you have also posted a discussion over here http://community.marketo.com/MarketoDiscussionDetail?id=90650000000PjgmAAC which means you seem to have found the answer.

For the benefit of everyone else out there, and without getting into a debate over this as best practice!, the way to accomplish this is to add leads to lead queues in SFDC using the Sync to SFDC flow step.

Once the lead goes into the CRM, if the person is actually a SFDC Contact, Marketo will create a duplicate lead and add the new lead to the lead queue, while leaving the existing Contact alone.
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Re: I want duplicates, can i have them?

For a while we had a similar use case here. Sales had a single queue to look at and wanted duplicates of contacts so they can see them in thier queue.

We had to say no, but gave them an alternative.

We created a task Inquery process in SFDC. For every existing lead and contact that have a lead owner who did a trial download or White Paper, we trigger a task for the lead owners. The custom Task in SFDC, we added Lead status values that map to the original lead status. We then built 'Views' for the sales reps in SFDC. 

So they can have visibility into thier net new leads in queues and Task alerts for returning customers/ existing leads.