Hyperlink isn't underlined

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Hyperlink isn't underlined

Any idea why a hyperlink wouldn't be underlining? While in the email editor the text shows as underlined but it doesn't when I send a sample email. My email isn't approved either, does that affect this? The hyperlink sends someone to a website, not an email.

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Re: Hyperlink isn't underlined

Hey Josh,

This is likely to be caused by something in your code - either a styling applied in line or through CSS. You'll need to look in the code, identify what's setting this styling, and override it (note that this may require changes to the template).

If you're not comfortable in code and have a developer in your team, they'll be able to assist you with this. Otherwise you can paste the code here and we can find the section.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Hyperlink isn't underlined

+1 for what Grace said..  

If it helps,  I suspect:    text-decoration: none;    could be the culprit