HTML source - link issue

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HTML source - link issue

Has anyone else had an issue editing links in the html source view? I'm using a template that has a placeholder link. I've built the email and tried to edit the link but when I view the html code the link is nowhere to be found. I can see the image that the placeholder link is attached to  - and the test email contains the link - but it disappears from all editing views.

Original template code:


View using html source editor:


I've tried editing the link from the wysiwyg menu but it also appears blank. I'm using Chrome and I've tried Explorer but I'm having the same issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: HTML source - link issue

Hi Kathleen,

You can only edit the content inside of an element with the class "mktEditable". Whoever built that template gave the <a> element the class "mktEditable", so it will only let you edit the content *inside* of that element via the email editor.
The "mktEditable" class is only supported for <div> elements, and tends to cause problems when used for other elements, so we recommend modifying your template.