How to use form embeds on website without any Marketo CSS

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Re: How to use form embeds on website without any Marketo CSS

Dave Roberts‌ what Im asking for here is to make the process of using Marketo forms on my website anything but an difficult process with extra unnecessary steps. We want to get forms working on our websites and we dont want to have to spend a bunch of time on removing styles in order to add our own styles. What you are proposing is what Ive already tried before. I spent a few hours trying to remove all Marketo CSS before finding the Javascript version of removing the Marketo styles(I linked that above). Trying to override all of the Marketo CSS was an absolute nightmare. The way Marketo nests elements and adds incredibly specific classes and inline styles makes it so I would almost have to use !important on every style override. And then what happens if Marketo updates any of these styles in the future, we would have some new styles introduced on our site without warning and would have to overrides those as well. If Marketo could just give us an option to use the forms without any Marketo styles then this process would be so easy to embed the form and add our styles.