How to store & view multiple status to contact?

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How to store & view multiple status to contact?


We have usual process of

1. Marking a contact with particular status (Example, Email > MQL). We do this using "Add to SFDC Campaign" flow step.

2. This in turn will update the "Contact Status" field value as MQL. (Setup done to do this)

Now, what we are looking for is,

1. A certain contact would flow in multiple campaigns and with multiple statuses.

2. We would like to track those contacts and the respective campaign name and status of which they went through.

In short, for example, we have 5 campaigns with different statuses and a contact is went through all the 5 campaigns. The information of all campaign names and the respective status need to be tracked and viewed for further follow-up.

Eg, for the contact, his sevaral campaign name and status

Campaign name 1   =   Contacted

Campaign name 2   =   Engaged

Campaign name 3   =   MQL

How to achieve this?


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Re: How to store & view multiple status to contact?

Hi Anand,

This is what campaign member statuses are for. If this is what you wan to do, you need to add theses statuses in your Campaign setup is SFDC (or in the program channel if these campaigns are synchronized with Marketo programs) and set it.

But, IMHO, this is a negation of the multi-touch vs lead lifecycle principles. A lead should not be MQL and Engaged in the same time. It should be only one.