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How to search for activity by company

I use Marketo for marketing a number of events and need to find out what events representatives from a specific company have attended across all of the events for the past few years. Is there a way this can be reported on? 

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Re: How to search for activity by company

Hi Paul,

As per my knowledge, we can create this type of report in Marketo using Revenue Explorer In Marketo but it is time consuming and once you get it you will see the great result. Below are the steps for your reference.

1st Step:- Go Marketo Revenue Explorer and Create a report on Program membership Analysis.



2nd Step:- Use the required filter in the report like below:

  • Program Channel includes Event (I have used different Channel in the screenshot just for an example)
  • Program Status includes Attended (I have used different Program status in the screenshot just for an example)
  • Membership Year includes 2019, 2020



3rd step:- You will get the great result as per your requirement as you just need to add the columns that are required to you.. Like following:



In this report, you can see the Program Name and Channel as you want have already filtered out the same also the Company Name, Email address and Membership date. Add if there are multiple records attended the the Event from the same company, it will give those records under the company Name.. 


Please let me know if this is helpful.


Note: The screenshot that I have used here are just as an example. As it is helpful but we need to do some manual work.  🙂 ..

Chandan Singh