How to prevent spam leads from submitting?

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How to prevent spam leads from submitting?

We are currently having lead issues with spammers submitting via my landing pages. is it possible on marketo forms to blacklist domains (we have a list of domains that are spamming us)?

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Re: How to prevent spam leads from submitting?

Blocking out domains isn't a recommended practice, as it doesn't solve the problem that your forms should be spam-proof. You could temporarily create a global workflow in your database to ensure that those domains are not passed through to your CRM or you can assign negative lead scoring values.

How do I block certain domains from filling out my forms? (Access the blog here.)

First off: please, don't do this. There are few reasons to do this, especially because most people want to block free domains or certain characters. There are quite a few people, especially in technical industries, who will use disposable addresses or character separators for filtering early in your funnel. Irritating people who want to engage with you, regardless of their email, is not going to help much.

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Re: How to prevent spam leads from submitting?

Hey Will, we've evaluated a few options as well. There are multiple posts on the community about potential solutions.

Here are some keywords to search:

-Honeypot Field on forms: this is a simpler, but not always effective solution. It's easier to implement, but has its cons.

-reCAPTCHA: this takes a little more work in setting up, but many have had success with it.

Hope this helps!