How to differentiate organic vs paid social on boosted LinkedIn posts (outside of UTMs)

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How to differentiate organic vs paid social on boosted LinkedIn posts (outside of UTMs)

We have social - paid and social - unpaid setup as lead sources within our Marketo instance.

When we obtain conversions via LinkedIn, I have seen the referral path URLs range from:

  • android-app://com.linkedin.and
  • android-app://

There may well be others that I haven’t documented yet that we aren’t including! (Q1: is there a definitive list of LinkedIn referral URLs to make sure I capture all data?).

I have also been confused by data coming through as:

      • Original referrer:​ with a Lead Source Detail: LinkedIn (Q2: so, is this google or LinkedIn?)

On to the main question!

So, our paid ads appear natively on the LinkedIn feed as 'dark' posts, hidden from appearing on our company news feed, for LinkedIn to serve up to our customised ad group audience. To distinguish paid from organic, we utilise UTM parameters as follows:

  • Social - paid (ad) = original referrer contains utm_medium=social-paid or utm_medium=paid-social
  • Social - unpaid (organic) = original referrer does not contain utm_medium=paid-social or utm_medium=social-paid

However, what about when we boost social posts on Linkedin? These are organic posts that have been boosted and are now also considered advertisements. As a result, the link that goes out is the link with the original organic parameters. The link can't be adjusted the link of a post once it's gone out. Q3. How can we distinguish between leads that came as a result of seeing the promoted content via our LinkedIn adspend vs those who saw it organically and track this accurately in Marketo?

If you need to see our full smart list criteria etc, please let me know.