How to completely wipe clean our Marketo (programs, data, campaigns)

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How to completely wipe clean our Marketo (programs, data, campaigns)

Hello all,

An odd request to ask but I am hoping someone can advise.

We are currently in an uncomfortable teething process on implementing Marketo internally which is presenting us with the option of removing all data, programs and reports from Marketo and starting fresh again.

Our initial implementation plan was to integrate a number of third parties with Marketo, including Google Analytics, Adwords, GoTo Webinar, and most importantly our CRM Netsuite. However, the Netsuite implementation has been pushed back 18 months leaving Marketo in a bit of a stagnant stance considering we only have a subscription of 30,000 leads - we have very quickly used up this limit by uploading Lists for our many programs. On another note, we are not yet ready to use the full suite of Marketo features such as lead scoring, website tracking and other likewise activity and can currently only limit ourselves from a reporting perspective to look only at the usual campaign metrics such as opens, clicks, unsubs etc.

Because of this, we are looking to export all of the data and reports we need from the programs we have created and deployed in Marketo and essentially wipe EVERYTHING clean which will also involve removing all of the test activity we created when we first implemented Marketo.

Can anyone advise on the above proposal and provide some insight on how best to tackle this?

Many thanks

Joel Mounsey

Level 10

Re: How to completely wipe clean our Marketo (programs, data, campaigns)

Hi Joel,

In a situation like this I would probably recommend requesting a new instance entirely.  This is something you'd need to talk to your account manager about, but there isn't currently a way to do a mass deletion of assets, so creating a new instance would be an easier fix.