How many emails can Marketo send in an hour?

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How many emails can Marketo send in an hour?

Hi Nation,

as the title says, do you know how many emails is Marketo able to send in an hour? I know about throttling and "pending" emails, but right now I just want to have a rough estimate of a best case scenario in order to better schedule large email batches.

In the Marketo live chat I was told the number is around 10k per hour, which seems very low to me... I remember in the past I was told or read somewhere that it was around 75k an hour, but wanted to check back to see if things changed.

We need to send emails to large portions of the database (I'm talking about upwards of 1 million in the case of general newsletters), and I honestly can't believe the amount that Marketo can handle out of the box is as low as 10k per hour... I'm expecting it to take some time but since I don't want emails to be delivered during nighttime or the weekend I need to do the math and find the optimal batch size.

Any suggestion?


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