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How Does Marketo Measure Define LC

As I have worked with clients a common sticking point is the term FT and LC.
FT - First Touch
LC - Lead Creation
First Touch or FT is often easily understood as this is one of the reasons why a client would purchase the tool.  To better understand what is influencing people to engage with their site and to see where this converts. 
Lead Creation or LC is a little more challenging and this is due to Lead Creation already being a term that many clients use.  The challenge is changing the mind set from how one previously understood Lead Creation and then changing this as an organization. 
The LC touchpoint can also be placed on a Person when it is not their true Lead Creation.
Here are a few scenarios:
  • The person created was created as a Contact and not a Lead
  • The Lead/Contact is already in your CRM but LC Touchpoint is acknowledged at a later time
Creating a change in the definition of Lead Creation or LC at a marketing level is challenging and even more so from an organizational level.
And so I have come up with a new definition to help clients better understand the Touchpoint Position LC in hopes to alleviate the adoption of this terminology.
LC - the first point in time in which Marketo Measure acknowledges consent from a lead or contact
I have coined this as Lemma Consent.
For Marketo Measure a Lead and Contact is identified as a Person and so those two identifiers are one-in-the-same.  I have defined this as Lemma, which is a spin-off from how the word is defined in the dictionary.
The LC is not always created upon a true creation of a person, but it is the first point in time in which Marketo Measure identifies consent to be marketed.
I hope this helps with the adoption of this awesome platform!
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Re: How Does Marketo Measure Define LC

I am struggling with this as well in our organization and I think you may be on to something. 

Technically though , when you say "first time that Marketo Measure is capturing consent", do you mean "fills out a form" or comes in to database through API like a LinkedIn Lead Gen form, etc? 
Do they have to also opt in?  Or is "consent" a little broader in that they are just submitting their details to us? 

Thanks for bringing this topic up! 



Dana Nemec
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Re: How Does Marketo Measure Define LC

Hi Dana, thanks for your reply. 

Consent can derive from any data source.  So Javascript, SFDC and/or Marketo. 

And, no Marketo Measure is not going to process through what you may have set up with 'Opt-In'.  There is some work around to this if you really think about it but that is for another discussion. 

Thanks again!


Ian at Adobe