How do I manage dynamic fields when a Lead is owned by an SFDC queue?

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How do I manage dynamic fields when a Lead is owned by an SFDC queue?


We are in the process of expanding our sales department.  We are now going to have 2 AE's and 1 SDR per territory.  I've set up queues for each territory in SFDC.  The flow of inbound leads is they will be assigned to the queue and then the SDR will distribute as appropriate.  This seems to be working on the SFDC side.  However, my conundrum is this - what about the auto response email that includes the AE's contact information?  Or our BOFU program that includes the AE's contact info?  Do I need to create a token?  Is there a flow step I need to add?  So far I only have 1 territory that is 'active' this way, but I have 2 new AE's starting next week and need to set up their queues.

How do other people handle this?  The contact information isn't only in the signature part of the email - it's the from email address and it mentions the AEs name in the body of the email.  I don't think it would be OK for it to say "Hi, my name is Southwest...". I can change the verbiage of the email if I need to, but thought I'd see how other people handle this situation.

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Re: How do I manage dynamic fields when a Lead is owned by an SFDC queue?

Hi Jodi,

Lead owner and account owner fields are maintained by Marketo and read only, meaning that you cannot add value to them when they are empty, which is the case when the lead is owned by a lead queue. Do not worry, no email will read "Hey may name is Southwest" they will read "Hey my name is." if you have not set a default value in the token.

Various ways of handling this:

  • Simply add real default values to your lead owner tokens in emails, setting one of the persons as one of the senders by default.
  • Create a "lead owner is queue" field in SFDC and sync it to Marketo This has to be a formula (boolean) field and you need to make it "true" when the lead is owned by a queue. You will be able to use it to create a segmentation and make your email dynamic or use it in choices to send a different version of the email. This will enable you to simply write a slightly different text in your email in this case.