How are you managing custom program templates?

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How are you managing custom program templates?

Currently, we have about 40+ workspaces, each with a "Programs Templates" folder containing anywhere from 3 -12 different program templates that non-technical users can clone and use as a starting point when working in Marketo. Most of these program templates are exactly the same for each and every workspace, they are all completely tokenized and made to be as easy as possible to execute, they are just duplicated because of the separate workspaces.

At the moment we have a situation where we need to manually review, validate, and update if needed, all of these program templates for every one of the 40+ workspaces. Roughly 400+ programs, not something I'm looking forward to doing.

My plan, at the moment, is the create a new "template only" workspace centralize all of the template programs there, and provide read-only, clone-only access to our full user base, then archive all of the existing workspace specific program templates. That way we only have 12 programs to maintain and update moving forward, not 400+.

We already have all of our design templates, emails, landing pages, and snippets managed and shared from a central location. Those are not a problem.

So, how are you managing program templates? Is there anything I'm overlooking with this approach, that I should be aware of before moving down this path? Is there an easier, better way to manage program templates?

And, yes, we do need the workspaces, if I could, I would get rid of them but that isn't an option.