How are you Handling Sub-Programs?

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How are you Handling Sub-Programs?

We have some programs that have "daughter" programs or "sub-programs" - for instance when we attend a tradeshow we may send out a direct mail campaign in advance to secure meetings, or we may also have a sales dinner or event that coincides with the event. I would love to know how others are relating these campaigns to the overall parent program. In the past we have setup the parent campaign as an engagement stream and nested the other programs underneath - but I know this is a misuse of the engagement program type.

Ideally we want to track the success of the parent program AND the success of the daughter programs seperately - but also we want to be able to see a roll-up of the impact of all on the parent campaign.




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Re: How are you Handling Sub-Programs?

There are no other settings where the programs can appear within the program except Engagement Program - however, you may want to tag Program Status of Child and well as Parent Program to track progress on child, as well as parent programs.

E.g. If you have a Parent Program X, with Statuses A,B,C and the child programs (say, x1, x2, x3) have Statuses E,F,G you can mark Program Status for X as well as x1, track progress.


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Re: How are you Handling Sub-Programs?

Hi Rachel,


From your given use case I assume you would want to create advance nurture program with inherited programs in it. 

You can create a trigger based campaigns instead for each of the event type programs and add records to specific nurture stream, for eg. 

Campaign 1: Smart List- Program Status changes to 'Webinar > Attended'; Flow- Add to Nurture Program Stream 'Webinars'

Campaign 2: Smart List- Program Status changes to 'Tradeshow > Visited Booth'; Flow- Add to Nurture Program Stream 'Tradeshows'


With this approach you would NOT have to build inherited programs within your Nurture programs, instead your status tracking trigger campaign would manage to feed records in your nurture tracks. 

You'd also be able to track success for programs based on the success step which is defined at program channel/step.