Re: Help with Perkuto (Digesto) A/B test results

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Help with Perkuto (Digesto) A/B test results


To help increase our open rates, we ran an A/B subject line test for our digest newsfeed last week. For reference, we typically use the Digesto token to pull in the latest news feed title and the average open rate is around 2%. We've been running it for at least a year and these have always been our results.

Last week, we tested the typical digesto token against a personalized one. The results were almost identical between the two subject lines, which makes it hard to believe that they are accurate. Especially when looking in Revenue Explorer - 1234 opens vs. 1235 opens.



Is this just a coincidence? Also, if we are referring to the same asset, why are the results different between the Marketo program report and Revenue Explorer report?


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Re: Help with Perkuto (Digesto) A/B test results

Hi Ella,
I think the discrepancy is due to what's described in Email Performance Report & Analytics (Using new program/email for each send) – Welcome to the Diges...

Your 2% benchmark is probably wrong (which is a good news in some way ). This is due to Digesto resending the same email over and over, which skews the metrics. There is an entire discussion on the community about that - in a nutshell - a lead opening the same email twice will never count as a 2 opens. So your 2% only reflects first time Newsletter Opens.

We've released an improvement 2 years ago that fixes this issue, by starting each send from a new email, your account was created prior to that and it has not been activated.
Feel free to connect with our support and we'll be happy to help you turn this on in your account.