Help with Date Operators - In future

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Help with Date Operators - In future

So I am trying to automate an email to send out exactly when a lead has 30 days left on a subscription. I was thinking about using the field 'end date' in future 30 days. However as I understand that operator, anyone who has an end date within the future 30 days would qualify, which I don't want. I want the email to only fire to people who have an end date exactly 30 days from today. 

Anyone have a similar situation that they have a solve for? Thanks!

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Re: Help with Date Operators - In future

You can find similar discussions which talks about creating a custom field that's set a date stamp of the future date (using "{{}} +/- 30 days") and a scheduled recurring batch campaign that runs daily/weekly which picks up the future date when it comes around.

For your use case, when {{lead.subscription end date}} is set (Data value changes), in your flow, change data value of alert date field using "{{lead.subscription end date}} - 30 days"